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The Swinging Strings Project would like to welcome pupils, parents and all interested parties to our website. This blog tracks the progress of 80+ children (and their teachers!) as they learn the violin. It is intended to act as a resource for the pupils as they progress and act as an information point for parents, teachers etc.

The project is delivered on an inclusive basis and links to the Irish Primary Music Curriculum. This means that ALL students particpate irrespective of musical backgrounds. It is believed that it is the one of biggest inclusive projects of its kind in the country. Have a look around and learn all about our violin project. Our cover photo was taken by award winning press photographer, John Kelly.
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Cathy Desmond

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finale Concert After School Class

The Swinging Strings afterschool programme finished the term with two performances.

Orchestra Class assemble in the Green Room 

They began with a performance for Ms Moran's 5th class

After school the group made their way to the Old Ground Hotel where they entertained the residents of Cahercalla Hospital in a teatime concert. Set List below.

Twinkle Twinkle
French Folk Song  soloist Julia
Frere Jacque

OldMacDonald Had a Farm soloist Cayla Lucy
Michael Row the Boat         soloist Maksym
Bile Em Cabbage

Ode to Joy                          soloist Luke

Mo Gile Mear                     soloist Ali


Premiere Waltz

Jingle Bells     soloist Katie

Earlier in the day , four of the group performed for Ms Moran's class


Stringschool Summer Newsletter

     Stringschool Newsletter  May 2013

Summer Concert
Classes conclude next week  5th June . We will have a play through of our repertoire in room 13 at 3.30 .     in Cahercalla Hospice Family members welcome
Gathering Event
 All members of the class are invited to join the band  for their recital outside the Cathedral 7pm  June 8th weather permitting. Rehearsals Tuesday after lunch in the hall.
Summer Camp
I am joining the team of Summer Music on the Shannon  for their annual Summer course of classes and concerts . This year classes will be held in Ennis 29th July to 2nd August .
Students can sign up for half or whole days  and there is more information on the sheet attached or on their website www.summermusicingalway.com

Email :cdstringschool@gmail.com  Tel 086 1041 626

It hasn’t been confirmed at this point if the string programme will run next year .  I will keep you posted. Those of you going on to secondary school might like to pursue a  lesson  in one of the several excellent teaching establishments.  I am happy to recommend a teacher .

Programme Cahercalla    Leave Sharp at 2.45

French Selection 
Twinkle Twinkle  
French Folk Song  Julia Soloist 
Frere Jacques 

American Tunes 
Michael Row the Boat Ashore  Maxym 
Bile Em Cabbage 
Old McDonald    Cayla  and Lucy

Swinging Strings 

Ode to Joy  Luke 

Munster Cloak  Katie   A A B B A A B B 
Mo Gile Mear  Ali 

Finale    Tutti 
Jingle Bells 
Twinkle Twinkle Reprise 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Level 2 Concludes

Worksheet 2 

 Task List      Put a tick when you do each task                             S   S  M  T  W Th  F
1 Play Your name  all 4 strings
2 Blues 13
           New Tunes
3 Hot Cross Buns   all 4 strings
4Old Mac  17    a Rhythm only b pizz  fingers down  c arco
5 Beguine  Tr 12
6Bow  River  29
7Twinkle  24 Rhythm Only  Then with fingers down
8Twinkle Variation 19  ┌┐┌┐││  Win=ter time in Rus-sia
Hot Cross Buns
  2  1  0_ 2 1 0_ oooo   llll   2 1 0_    
  F#E D                DDDD     EEEE F#E D
Old McDonald   17
            3 3 3  0   1 1 0 1 1 0 0 3_ _ Repeat
            GGGD    E E D_   B B AA G
     Oo 3 3 3 oo  3 3 3     333333 33333_3_ middle line 
            3 3 3 0   1  1 0    1 1  0  0 3_ _

Frere Jacques

DE F#D x 2               F#G A x2
ABAG F#_D_ x 2      D A D_   x2 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Brass in Class Visit Swinging Strings

 Students on the Swinging Strings programme enjoyed a wonderful workshop with the Brass in Class Team . Mr Daly and Mr Fitzgerald  arrived with a car packed with  all sorts of brass instruments , trumpets cornets, horns and trombones. We especially liked the bright blue p-bone.

They explained how the instruments work. We learned about valves, mouthpieces and bells. We heard a thrilling display of brass playing skills but best of all everyone got to have a go. Even our caretaking staff and our principal! Photos yet to be released but keep an eye on the school website.

Don't forget to watch out for the Ennis Brass Band recruitment announcements in September or call to the Band Room in Ennis Community College on Monday and Wednesdays.

Overheard in the yard on the way home. 'I really want to learn to play the garden hose!'

My only complaint - Mr Daly and Mr Fitzgerald made it look too easy.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Level 2 Begins

15 violins issued to students who have opted for the improvers' module

Work for this week 
Listen to the CD
Play along with the tracks you know
Pizz Twinkle Track 26
Bow the rhythm

Gp 1 Faye Coffey Bowe  (own violin)  Kalum Kerin,  Chloe McHugh
Gp 2  Michael Mongans, Nora Tchadjobo, Sarah Chambers, Maggie Zi Xuan Huang, Elliott Rynne , Bryan Ruane,Alice Cullinane, Ailbhe Doherty
Gp 3Emmanuel Iwalena, Eimear Kilroy, Jessica Ryan, Joyce Nlemoah, Zusanna Marut.

Next session Wednesday 22 May during afternoon.


Track Listing 
1 Vivaldi in G          
2 Foxtrot
3 Cross Lake Blues ( D and A ) 
4 Attacama Crossing  (rhythm Wintertime in Russia with string crossing D to A)
5 Chopstixs on D Hopping and Skipping and 
6 Kilfenora Ceili Dancer
I stop and you stop 1 
9 I stop and you stop 2 
10 Carnival in Rio
11 Prelude to Carmen
12 Beguine (Samba)

13 Blues
14 Toreadors 
15 Mr Cool
16 Ode to Joy    
17 Old McDonald
18 We Will We Will Rock You
19 Twinkle Variations 
20 Two String Reggae
21 Irelands Call
22 Macchu Piccu Mountain 
23 Scale on A 
24 Scale on D
25 Twinkle Twinkle with violin
26 Twinkle Twinkle with Backing track 
27  Wintertime in Russia Fast 
28 Wintertime in Russia Slow 
29 Bow River 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  

Twinkle Twinkle.

Line 1

D D   A  A     B  B    A_  
0  0     0 0       1  1     0 
G G   F# F#   E  E    D _ 
3   3    2  2     1    1     0

Line 2 

A A   G G   F# F#  E_
0  0    3  3    2   2    1
A A   G G   F# F#  E_
0  0    3 3      2  2    1_

DD    A A   B B   A _
G G  F# F# E  E   D _ 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Level 1 programme concludes

Level 1 concluded with a concert and presentation of certs in the hall  on Wednesday afternoon. We played some of our favourites from the course for the classes of Ms Browne, Ms Moran and Mr Vaughan. All aparticipants were presented with certificates of achievement .
A special thank you to Ms Pilkington for her assistance and also |Ms Moran for being our guest narrotor today.
Our closing number was Mazeltov which means Good wishes . So we say Mazeltov to Swinging Strings 2012/13 .

Next week: Brass in the Class

During the year, I met some adults who were learning violin for first time. Here are three of the class on our final session of term held at the Junction Centre. Ennis .  Bravo Mr Cullinane, Mr Murray and Mrs McQuillan! 'Never too early and rarely too late' to learn an instrument

Second Chance Class on outing to The Junction

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Annie's Kilfenora Jig

A little after class jamming with girls from the Walsh Ensemble

Today  we had a music marathon. We looked back over the programme  of  two terms work of string tuition .  Looking forward to presenting a class  for an invited student audience next week.  Bravo to Annie who played the Kilfenora Jig

 Introduction 1     Welcome to our violin class . We have been working hard over the year and we are glad you can join us for our last session. Today we are going to introduce you to some new tunes and instruments.  But first   Feel The Beat Rap

Link 2 Our next piece features the instruments that are low in pitch the cellos and double bass . This backing track is a piece by Vivaldi .He was an Italian composer who wrotes loads of music just for strings

Link 3 Our next piece is called the Toreadors March . A Toreador is a Bullfighter . This piece is played at Munster Rugby Matches sometimes as the players are coming on to the field.

Link 4 Our final pizzicato piece is Foxtrot   Mr Walsh

Link 5 Scales are like musical ladders .  with notes going up and down , one step at a time . Here is a Scale starting on D

Link 6 Our next piece is a samba a dance from Brazil  Mr Corry

Link7  The song Twinkle Twinkle uses the tune of a French folk song

Link 8 Next a story you know well  . In our version we use our violins to add sound effects Three Little Pigs Story

Link 9  Finally Mazeltov  means Good Wishes in Hebrew  the language of the Jewish tradition. You can hear clarinets in the backing track.  A good number for a finale (Fin a_ lay)

Link 10  Tango is a form of dance from Argentina  This one is called La Cumparsita

Cellos today Calum, James, Eimear Basses Jordan, Sean  Leaders Faye

Thanks to Ms White for the pics today 

Last session with presentation of certs next week for invited audience  and  

Optional class for improvers starts 15th May